The Yearly Debate on Taraweeh

Scholars define taraweeh (تراويح) as the night prayer that is offered in congregation during the month of Ramadan. Is praying 20 raka’at taraweeh an innovation? Is there anything that is a “good bid’ah”? Breaking away from the congregation after 8 raka'at? Can we read from the mushaf in Prayer?

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"Anyone who has a brain should nourish his intellect just as he nourishes his stomach and there is no better way to nourish the mind than reading a book and benefiting from it. Read whatever you can get your hands on, even if it's a cookbook."

Sheikh Sa'eed al-Kamali حفظه الله

A student of knowledge can forget anything, but should never forget sending salutations upon the Prophet ﷺ whenever and wherever his name is read or mentioned.

Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu حفظه الله
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