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October 12, 2020

When Things Don’t Work Out

‘When are you getting married?’ ‘When are you getting done with college?’ ‘When are you going to give us the good news?’ ‘Where is your delivery going to be?’ ‘When are you going to get a job and make yourself financially stable?’ ‘Where are you planning to settle?’ etc etc. The list goes on.

Sigh. Ever been so tired of being asked so many questions not only by people who mean good for you but also people who mean to simply interfere in your lives?

We all go through cross roads at life, when we have to make the big decisions. We all feel lost, things don’t seem to work out, many doors close, some doors open but don’t seem apt, and so we close them. And to add to all the anxiety of a vague future, we have the society around us to pressure us with questions and suggestions and ‘solutions’ and what not.

I’m at one now too.

But it’s times like these that tend to bring us closer to our Rabb; through His magnificent beautiful names..through the stories He narrates in His book or simply by strength in our realization of how weak we are and how capable He is.

KNOW that there is beauty in His delay. Because He is Al Muakhir, the One who delays (for reasons best known to Him alone). 

One could have gotten married sooner, and struggled with finishing up with their college.

One could have gotten children sooner but struggled to maintain peace within the spouses or in-laws relationships.

One could have settled financially sooner and yet regretted all his life about not being able to live his dream instead, right?

Instead of seeing delay as a bad thing, as a negative thing to happen in our lives, why not see it with another perspective? How many blessings can we count within this delay; Haven’t we grown closer to our spouses, strengthening each other while the world attacks us with hasty questions? Haven’t we grown closer to our friends while not being able to find a spouse, when the ‘nosy aunties’ have been doing what is nothing other than their business? Or the biggest blessing of all, have me measured if we have grown even an inch closer to Our Lord, in our pleas to Him, while waiting for His miracles?

Timing. Is in His hands; and when we learn to live with that, it drains our heart of anxiety and fills it with peace. It makes our minds stronger, even if attacked by a million outsiders. It gives us the strength to persevere. It gives us the blessing of living with His name, Al Muakhir. And knowing in the deepest chambers of our hearts that the best is yet to come. Like it has always…

Wasn’t Yusuf’s عليه السلام release from prison delayed, even though he was better than the other two prisoners who were released first? What was their end compared to his, anyway? He went on to become the Minister and was reunited with his family! What a beautiful story to relate to when you feel your dreams are being delayed right?

And why not look back and see all the times we were being delayed, but never forgotten?

When we were delayed admissions into our dream college, but got it later anyway?

When we struggled with learning a new language then, but are now fluent in it anyway?

When we waited so long for that dream job we are working in now? Or

When we dreamed about that perfect spouse and wrote poems on them like they were the moon, perhaps now we are resting comfortably next to one, aren’t we?

No matter how vague our future seems now, deep down, BELIEVE that as long as we have the right intentions, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى will always guide and bless us and NEVER leave us without the BEST for us. IN THAT, we have to believe blindly.

Believe that when you feel ‘things aren’t working out’, that they are, in actuality, working in the best of ways by the best of planners.

How beautiful is it that in every field, in every moment of our lives, He has given us something; a verse, His name, a story, or just all of it, to relate back to Him? :’)

Let’s make the best of this gifted time while we are waiting to get married, or while we are waiting to live with our spouses, while we are seeking the right place to settle financially, while we are searching for the best institutes to study in, or just,  while we are still waiting to meet our delays…:)

How beautiful is it that Allah, Al Muakhir delays the punishment of our sins, so that we’d have time to repent? What more do we need?


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