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October 12, 2020

War between Life and Death

When the sun dips back into the sea, the night sky blankets over the town, the breeze humming along and the dry leaves rattling against the wind, the soul stands still and all alone in the dark,trembling.

The world is running at a speed like never before. The technologies and instant messaging took a toll on our lives. Families are torn apart on the inside without them even realizing it. People barely have the “luxury” to reflect on their lives. We accelerate towards an delusional world knowing too well that death is inevitable. The soul is buried under the weight of this world and is tortured to forget death. It puts on a make up of being an immortal and living here forever.The soul screams ferociously but its voice dissolves in our hectic schedule and busy lives. Its wounds and bruises go unnoticed and is left to die a slow death. The soul dies even before it leaves the body. A death which is forgotten and not even mourned for. Death of the soul on the battleground of a horrendous war.

There is a chance for another beginning. A chance for a new life and a fresh breath. Bring back the dead soul to life through the Quran. It is the only companion that could ever fill the void, tend to the wounds and bruises and lighten the burden of this world.No one is defying the importance of achieving in this Dunya. Yes, go ahead and flourish in all possible ways you like. Pursue your passion, begin that new business, get that dream job and apply for that grad school. Whatever it may be, live in this world to your full potential. Just not at the cost of the next. It is only and only when the Lord, the King of Kings, the Most Loving wishes to grant your goals and vision will be achieved.

The trick is to hold on to the Rope of Allah. Never put out that light of Iman inside you, even if it is only a flickering flame. It is not sinful to admit that you are weak and in need help. It is not wrong to say that you can’t bear. In fact, being vulnerable is the first step in tearing down that delusional make-up you are wearing. Only strong people have the astounding ability to be vulnerable in front of Allah. Take that pain and put it on the place of your Sajda. Bring it to Him, who never forgets about you.

We live in a world where most people have stereotyped what should be painful and what should be taken for granted. The independence for our heart to grieve and to be patient is ripped off mercilessly. A young amateur girl is expected not to have difficulties in interacting with the opposite gender just because it simply isn’t a girl thing. People who reflect much about their personal life and the intricate state of their heart are labelled as helpless people who rack their brains too much and are in need of a psychiatrist for “recovery”. Those who took up Arts and Social Sciences are looked down because they weren’t smart enough to take Medicine. Men are expected not to cry and women are expected not to have their own opinion.

Ignore all those comments and ruthless words by people who “seem” to care so much about you. Thank them and leave their presence, for your own sake at least. As I previously said, be courageous in being vulnerable. Al Wakeel, The One who promised you His Help and named Himself to be your Trustee, will catch you faster than your speed in hitting rock bottom. But, for that you need to tell him all your stories, even though He knows it well and much better than you, ask Him for His Help, plead for His Forgiveness, beg for His Love, be thankful for His Gifts and above all fall in Love with Him all over again. Just remember He knows.

This journey is long and tiring. But, Allah SWT chose to create you, fashion you so intricately, specifically designing you for a unique purpose and placed you in the best situations. It is because He knows and have confidence in you to handle it, to learn through it, to evolve from it, to unlearn from it, to breathe through it and finally live through it.It is fine if you have fallen down a million times. It is fine if your heart is scarred. Al-Jabbar, the One who takes care of your wound, will also make sure you get justice. You will get justice at the Courtyard of Allah on the Day of Judgement. Be at peace that nothing will happen except it was meant to be. Strange is the affairs of the believer for whatever happens it is good for him.

Be patient oh soul! For this battle between dunya and Akhira will come to an end. And know that when it comes, the luxury to make choices will be taken away. And it is on that day true Life will begin. Till then, preserve in patience and prayer by making the right choices.

O mankind, indeed you are laboring toward your Lord with [great] exertion and will meet it.
(Surah Inshiqaq : 6)

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