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October 12, 2020

The Rhythm of Time

Time moulds you into something you are not. It has an art of transformation that leaves you spellbound. It calms down the rebels, honours the humiliated, frees the shackled, shatters the mighty, guides the lost, educates the innocent, enriches the illiterate and defeats the arrogant.

With time, your obsession dies, soul grooms, heart heals and matures all together. Your footings on the path ahead become stronger than clumsy, your wisdom takes precedence over your emotions, you are less vulnerable to the brutality of people’s opinions and judgements and you are finally sure about the mistakes which you swear to never commit again.

Someone for whom you wept for nights, today you wouldn’t care much for their existence. The people you chased in the past and gave every fibre of your being to please, might not hold the same importance anymore and you might probably mock at your own stupidity.


The rhythm of time is a seasonal breeze that destroys and later builds brick by brick, compensating for every loss. Whatever it has damaged, it takes on itself to repair.


Although sometimes it feels like we have been in ruins for long, dirty amongst the mess, forgotten amidst the crowd and we cease to exist because we believe in this illusion painted by our own weaker selves. We dwell on negativity as that seems the best revenge, because it was hard in the first place to carve yourself into something you weren’t. But even the negativity is strangled, because every trial has a specific duration, after that it all ends. Be it anger, regret, guilt– eventually time teaches you to not hold on to anything except the divine entity- Allah, Al-A’zeez.

The blatant truth is that ultimately you will have all that you have ever craved for, but not in this moment because there is a specific time for everything and that’s decreed.

So let everything be. Let everything go.

It will all come to you. Every diverging road will only lead to places specifically designed for you.

So let everything be and let everything go.

All that’s lost might not return, but the wages of those wearying services are on its way.

So let everything be and let everything go.

The betrayal hurt, the departures killed and loneliness shattered every ounce of you. But better days of unions, togetherness and sincerity are waiting ahead.

So let everything be and let everything go.

It’s interesting how time is like our mothers. It nags until you hear what it’s trying to narrate, and then if you don’t learn what it’s willing to teach, it will keep repeating its lessons till you are thorough with the chapter and there is no room left for mistakes. It will get tough if you revolt, whereas it will reward if you obey and accept. It has multiple spectrum’s and colors through which it unleashes every chapter step by step.

Destiny isn’t something you can change. You can always make dua– but there is only so much you can do. The rest is in His hands and to be in that position is the safest place you could ever be.

There will always come a phase where your friends will have new friends or they will get married and get busy with their new family; your spouse might get busy with work, things might fall apart in your marriage or you might have to be away from your parents. Basically there will come a time where you have to make peace with yourself, because you are all you will have, and at that span of time – though unwillingly – YOU have to be your own rock. Not an ordinary one, you have to be the invincible rock – the undefeatable one. You have to lift the luggage up no matter how heavy and move forward, only with Al – Qareeb by your side.

Until you wrestle with the ground and not respect it, you won’t be able to rise. When you are down there, the technique is to not hate it, to not fight it, but to embrace it and let the haqeeqaa (reality) sink in. Because no matter how foolish we think the heart is, it’s not. It understands. After much rebellion, it will bow down – forehead against the floor, mourning, this time – at it’s arrogance.

The entire carving of these trials is for this sole reason that you reach the state of ‘tadaaru’- that desperate state where you depend and cry only to your Rabb. Where every ounce of your pride is crushed and all your arrogance, ego and everything that we humans take pride in crumble down.

Only then, we surrender and fall in a sincere sajdah and say “Ya Rab! Ighfirli (forgive me). I have nothing but I have you and it’s enough. I need you, I know longer crave this trivial Dunya. Just be pleased with me. I only seek your Rida’, Ya Rahman!”


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