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October 12, 2020

Friday Fiction | The Battle Within | Chapter3

Abdullah continued searching for his run away son, his wife was getting worse. She needed her beloved son. Abdullah decided that perhaps he ought to expand the search to police departments. He personally went to file the missing reports. It was at one of the departments in the neighboring town that he found his son locked up in the cellar. He could not believe his eyes. His son was in a terrible state. He was beaten up very ruthlessly, and was bleeding all over. His eyes were bloodshot and his head was bleeding profusely as well. He has scars all over his face and his lip was torn up. Abdullah had to look-away; it seemed as if Ahmad had been through a terrible accident. Ahmad was unable to stand much less walk. His father had tears in his eyes and he just wanted to go and pick him up and take him home safely. Parents cannot even stand the thought of their children getting a scratch, and here Ahmad was bleeding copiously, how could a father see his son in such a terrible state?

Upon inquiry, he was made aware of his son’s numerous clashes with the law enforcement. He was told that his son was detained not only for the use and possession of illegal drugs, but also for the sale of them. Abdullah was also told that when Ahmad was asked if there was anyone who could be contacted to bail him out, he had replied that his parents were dead and he also did not have any family. Abdullah was heartbroken upon hearing this. He deliberated whether Ahmad should be left in the jail, but he needed him to save his wife. Abdullah decided to bail his son out, for Khadeejah. A large amount of money was needed to bail Ahmad out. Abdullah was not a rich man, and his wife’s treatment required a lot of money as well. But nevertheless, he was able to procure the money and, like every father would, he bailed his son out from jail.

On their way back, Ahmad did not even utter a word of thanks to his father. Rather, he looked angered. Abdullah told his son that Khadeejah was in the hospital and is calling out only for Ahmad, her son. But Ahmad was not concerned about his mother, he seemed preoccupied. Abdullah told him, “It is only because of your mother that I bailed you out. You are a disgrace to me and your mother.”

“I didn’t ask you to help me.”, replied Ahmad angrily.

“I’m well aware of that, nevertheless I will take you home where you will shower and change and clean your wounds. Then, we will go and meet your mom in the hospital.”

“No, I don’t want to go”, said Ahmad

“You will come with me. Your mother’s life depends on it. And I will kill you if something happens to her because of you. You will not tell her anything about jail. She doesn’t need to know any of it. She has enough worries of her own right now.”, shouted Abdullah.

“You can’t make me.”

“I will drag you the hospital if I have to. Trust me, my son, I will do it if required.”, said Abdullah.

Abdullah took his son to the hospital to meet Khadeejah. She was asleep, but Abdullah woke her up. She took Ahmad’s hand in hers and tears ran down her cheeks. Ahmad sat next to her and tried to smile at her. Ahmad kissed his mother’s forehead and sat next to her for some time. There was silence for a long time, save for the beeping of the heart monitor. Khadeejah was given pills to help her sleep. After she fell into deep slumber, Abdullah beseeched Ahmad to stay out of trouble to save his mother. Ahmad just looked at his father and said, “I will do whatever I want.” And Ahmad left the hospital. The next day, there were visible changes in Khadeejah’s health and after a few days she regained her health and was discharged from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ahmad started living in his father’s house again. Now, he started doing all his bad habits openly, in front of Abdullah. Abdullah was angered but he knew that he had to find a solution for this. He tried talking to Ahmad but he would just brush his father off, or storm out of the house. It seemed as if Ahmad was preoccupied with something. Khadeejah also tried talking to him but he just would not listen. Abdullah was always tired from working so late and Ahmad was never home, which left Khadeejah alone. She finally decided to put her foot down and throw away all of the cigarettes, alcohol and the drugs from Ahmad’s room. Ahmad was furious when he discovered this. He threatened to leave the house again. This time, Khadeejah told him to do as he pleases.

Ahmad returned home after a few weeks, his parents were shocked to see him in that state. He had become extremely thin and looked deathly. He had scabs and bruises all over his face and hands, he was limping as well. Abdullah helped him sit down and Khadeejah brought him a glass of water. Nobody spoke for a little while, and then Ahmad said, “Is it okay if I sleep for a little while?”

Khadeejah looked at Abdullah, and he replied, “Yes son, you can sleep here. Do you want to eat something first?”

“No, JazakAllah. I don’t want to eat. I just want to rest for a little while.”

Abdullah and Khadeejah were shocked beyond belief at what Ahmad had just said. He had acknowledged the existence of Allah. Little did they know that he said it only to please them. Abdullah helped his son to his bed and stayed with him and watched him sleep. He looked so innocent and peaceful. Abdullah wished that everything could go back to normal. But he was unaware of what was going to unfold.

Abdullah had already left for work when Ahmad roused and Khadeejah was busy with the household chores. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise; the source seemed to be Ahmad’s room. She hurried to his room and an appalling sight awaited her.

To be continued next Friday, Stay tuned………

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