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October 12, 2020

Friday Fiction | Tawakkul – An Unwavering Trust of a Father | Chapter3

‘’Wallaahu Khair Ar Raaziqeen Ameeraah! Wallaahu Khair Ar – Raaziqeen’’
‘’That’s all Aman said to calm my shredded Heart but I was thrilled at that unanimous certainty, that comforting assurance and that unshakeable submission to the one Master, who owns the every bit of the Skies and the earth, including the very own souls of each one of us’’, Exclaimed Ameeraah on the mike, who was now rocking the stage at the Young Muslimah Forum, an exciting event hosted by a zealous team of girls in Riyadh, KSA especially for the youth every year.
She continued, looking at the audience right in their eyes, this is why the tests knock our homes; this is the sole purpose for every trial that we face – so that we take the path to forgiveness.
Allah’s only aim is to redirect His slave to salvation, because in it lays the keys to contentment, strength and Ultimate Success.

No doubt we are frail creations and our Imaan keeps fluttering, we do not possess enough strength to handle such turmoil’s all by ourselves but who told you to fight alone anyway? Who told you to not seek refuge from the Most Merciful?
Go grab the rope of faith, at the very first strike of Calamity, because that why it’s saying Hello to you in the first place.
It’s come to see that how much you believe in Hasbeeyallaahu wani’mal Wakeel, to interrogate is it just your tongue that utters it or your heart truly confirms it?
Is Allah really enough for you? If yes then prove it.

The ayah that comes to mind is ,
Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘We have faith’, and will not be tested? And we indeed tested those who were before them? (Quran 29 ; 1)

The test of Tawakkul is a tedious process, sometimes you won’t see any ray of light entering your dark cave or any rainfall that could quench the thirst of your dry earth, but moving on with complete Submission till that trail ends, is what takes you to the peaks of solace, Raahaa (Relief) and Tazkiyya (Purification).

Every battle that you fight teaming up with Al – A’zeez (the Ever Victorious) pledges you a grand victory, no matter how powerful is the enemy or how much unequipped you are. If you have Allah – The Qawi on your side, you have everything.’’
‘’And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him.”  (Qur’an 65 ; 3)

You all must be wondering what happened later in the story, well coming back to it, things did turn out to be a worst nightmare in the beginning, we had to leave our home as there were money issues to pay the rent, and shift to a Cheaper/smaller one bed room apartment.
Taniya and other kids had to drop out from the school as well because we no longer could afford the fees.
Things changed drastically but we were at ease from the hearts, as one of the major Rehma of Allah was that Taniya was recovering bit by bit Alhamdulillah, we had found an amazing Raaqi in the nearby Masjid of our new locality, which probably wasn’t known for the richy rich people but there were humans, sustaining through average income, yet generous hearts and sincere love could be felt in the new neighborhood.
Here every one lived in small homes, earned limited salaries, appreciated the little they had and greed for more didn’t exist.
Aman stayed back at home looking after the kids and homeschooling them, one of the major reasons being Taniya. Although she was improving he just didn’t want to leave her alone so I had to grab a job in a nearby school to manage the expenses of the running days and by His grace we did amazingly.
Aman was right, the khair was revealed, the curtains had been raised and our efforts were paid off. We inspite of being struck hard by poverty felt rich and content. The warmth of the people around made me forget the lack of wealth; I had become friends with the most beautiful women from our colony, who mostly were full time Housewives.
But still after knowing that I worked in a school and there was no one at home to take care of the family, they made sure that Aman and kids were fine. Some ladies regularly got food or snacks or simply dropped in with their kids so that Taniya and the rest wouldn’t feel isolated.
Taniya had made new mates as well. They all introduced her to the new types of games that they played outdoor and indoors and accepted her in their already flourishing team, Mashallah. She was extremely happy to be in these new surroundings, where everyone adored her.
Aman had his own bunch of night buddies too, with whom he discussed Islam, Politics and Sports. He loved to spent time with them because before Aman had always been occupied with work and spending such delightful moments with friends have just been a dream. Bottom line is that eventually everything was settling down. Subhaanallah!
Sometimes to gain something valuable, you have to pay a painful price because lessons are often learnt the harsh way. Taniya’s sudden illness taught us the meaning of Tawakkul and got us closer to Allah. It also revealed the true colors of the people around us. What is the point of wealth if you have no family and friends who could stand by your side at the time of hardships?

I always thought that riches are essential for leading a life of security and happiness, but I was proven extremely wrong in my conclusion, because every materialistic possession has to leave as it came, only Allah’s mercy remains. Only the hearts with truthfulness and loyalty towards his Maker in the most crucially negative time remains, only the bonds which were tied for the sake of Allah remains, rest all withers away with time.
In Aman’s words, ‘’Happiness lies in obeying the creator slaying you raging desires, ruining gleefully the traps of Shaytaan by identifying His footsteps, destroying the rusty film that coated the reality and relying solely on Ar – Rahmaan throughout without falling into the pits of Despair. That’s Hapinnes, Real Happiness’’

Taniya was completely fine after a year Mashallah and also completed the memorization of Qur’aan. Aman had resumed work which went smooth and I got free from the job and was back to home, playing a mommy again. We have cleared all our debts and gotten back to our old home, yet not leaving those new friendships which had taken a special place in our hearts.
This is the vicious cycle of life, after tears graces the smiles, after hurt bumps in the joy, after the stroke comforts the warmth, after the storm enters the sunshine and after a terrifying night comes the awakening Dawn.
Another stack of blissful years passed by and there was me, Aman’s Ameerah welcoming another set of frightening tests which lay right in front of me.
It was a trial which took away the love of my life, the essence of my being, the reflection of my mirror, the completeness of my soul and the chirpiness of my heart. It was like a chunk of me being slashed bitterly from its roots, like someone strangling by breaths and yet I was asked to live, survive and sustain because that’s what this life demands.
You cannot freeze, you cannot halt, you can only take a break and rest for a while. The speed of the days and the rhythm of time don’t stop for any one, the day it does it’s theQiyaamah. Youmul Qiyaamah (Day of Judgment)
Aman was transferred in a better place, leaving a deep scar in our hearts and lives yet we got through clasping the hand of Tawakkul, gripping the wrist of Dua’as and with the hope of a massive reunion in our Jannah inshaAllah.
Alas we succeeded! We did! Because Wallaahu Khai Ar – Raaziqeen.
Indeed Allah is the best of Providers
With this very last statement, Ameerah left the podium and the Hall altogether, leaving the audience overwhelmed and recharged with heavy emotions. The claps and takbeers echoed in the Hall and many silent tears fell on numerous cheeks, touching the chords of their being.
Ameerah on exiting stepped outside in the green grass, where the transparent rains wetted the surroundings. Staring up at the sky, she praised the Rabbul Aaa’lameen, whispering ‘Allahumma lakal hamd walakash shukr’’
I succeeded once again Rabbi, all by your Rehmaa…

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