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October 12, 2020

Friday Fiction | Tawakkul – An Unwavering Trust of a Father | Chapter2

”My Ameeraah is a strong soul Mashallah, the feeble plots of the Devil cannot make her loose the battle.  Be aware of excessive grief Habeebty, for it affects the Imaan of the heart and remember any miles that come in between, cannot disconnect us. Our love is never limited to the duniya, it’s beyond this world, you know that. And No matter how hard you trip and fall, you will always rise up again, for me, for our kids, for Allah, because breaking down and despairing in His Rehma, makes the Devil and his troops to party hard with joy, as there is nothing more beloved to Shaytaan than a depressed believer, so weather I am alive or not, you will always pick yourself up and learn to walk again without caring how much spikier is the lane, because the race to Jannah doesn’t end until the Rooh escapes the body. That means, my warrior shall sustain any storm with himmah and tawakkul al Allah.  eh Inshallah? Promise me Hun! Promise me”
Aman’s powerful words jingled in her ears again, she consoled her tattered heart somehow, that he is in a better place, Inshallah.
Ameerah falteringly wiped her overflowing tears, rolled her hair in a bun sticking it up with a clutcher and sat up straight again.
Opening the front window of her room, allowing the fresh calming air to creep in and brush her cheeks, Ameerah continued to write the next phase that followed….


Aman geared up for His test which he knew would require all his strength, patience and trust on Allah. He was brave and didn’t choose to be weak, and assured himself that it was a just a matter of time then it was all going to get over anyway. So he purified himself with the best  Niyyaahs, constantly asked forgiveness for his past sins and cried like a baby to his lord to accept his Sadaqaa and answer his Dua’as, it was working but slowly, the test had just begun and he had a long way to go.

He dealt the case very aptly, it was confirmed that Taniya was a victim of Sihr, she was possessed by an evil Jinn who was troubling her from inside and the outside. He treated her with the most reliable cure gifted to the Mankind – The Noble Qura’an. He sat for hours and hours reciting Surah Baqaraah and blowing on Taniya’s body. He arranged for huge bottles of Zamzam and literally washed her with it; it was if he was aggressive, battling the jinns all alone with limited knowledge.

I remember once early in the noon, Taniya yelled with fright in her eyes, clinging to Aman’s thobe, ”Babaa, they are threatening me, they are taking different shapes, they are spilling blood everywhere by slitting each other’s throats and are trying to come near me, they are just a few steps away Babaa, save me Babaa, please save me!!!!!”

We with absolutely pale faces and fear penetrating our hearts, didn’t know how to react, pretty numb from outside and terrified internally just exchanged glances. I quickly ran towards Taniya covering her up in my embrace, trying to calm her down but to no avail.

Yet Aman, was unique, his head could work even in stressful times when every being would lose it, He always had a solution.
When Aman saw, nothing working out, He immediately came to me, where Taniya was all curled up in my arms, frightened shutting her eyelids, blocking every sight. Amidst the emotional trauma that Taniya was going through, it was hard to assure her of the Khair and safety.
Yet He asked her to look at him, and gave her the Mushaf with all courage and yaqeen beaming in his eyes.
He took the little piece of his heart in his lap and said loudly, ”Gull Aaadhubillaahi minashaytaanir Rajeeem”
‘Say it out Loud and clear Taani, its Allah’s promise, when we seek refuge in Him, He makes the Shayaateen burn into dust.’
Taniya was hesitant to believe, with the monsters and their army playing the horrific game right in front of her little self,

She cried, ”Noo baabaa, they will harm me, they are saying they will enter my body and kill me, Babaa they are here, right here, see Baabaa”
With fright painted on her face and eyes turning red, it was heart wrenching to witness this scenario, I couldn’t handle this anymore, my heart was torn a million times in that short span of time. I looked at Aman, with a glimmer of helplessness and anxiety.
He then, with all the warmth took her hands into His and placed the Divine Mushaf in between her palms, with his from underneath and gave the Adhaan loudly.
His pacifying yet hard hitting voice, echoed in every corner of the room, we felt the burden lifted, the shimmering light had just sneaked in tearing the gloom of fear and grief Subhaanallah!
Taniya clasped the Mushaf tight near her chest and as told heard the Adhaan with concentration. Suddenly towards the end of it, when Aman didn’t even finish the Adhaan, she got up! Her eye balls grew wide out of shock as she witnessed the miracle unfolding in front of her eyes. There was a ray of belief entering right there, destroying that moment of terror for Taniya personally.
She got up from Aman’s lap and exclaimed, ”Babaa they vanished, they went away, I saw them turning into ashes, you were so right.
You know Baaba, as they came near and tried to touch me, they were thrown back at the wall and then disappeared in the air”
Allahuakbar! Was all that we could say, Aman immediately went down in Sajdaa e Shukr before even answering Taniya.
I ran to Taniya, quickly taking her in a bear hug.
”That’s the power of Quraan Taani, it’s the most Amazing weapon at hand, didn’t we tell you that they are weak? See How Allah protected you” I managed to say in my broken voice, soon letting the stream of my tears out.

This wasn’t just one incident that took place, there were many as the days passed that we had to go through which we couldn’t see through our naked eyes but felt it through Taniya’s.  Sometimes more terrifying, more painful, more overwhelming, but wallaahi each time Al – A’zeez got us through. Du’a was the weapon, Quran was the sword and yaqeen in Allah was our shield.
The Ruqya water, giving Adhaan directly in her ears and reciting Surah Baqaraah every day either after fajr or after Ishaa in our home, helped us survive the most frightening phase of our lives.
Aayatul kursi, Faatiha and the last three chapters of the Qura’an
were the major tools that were aiding Taniya.
But we weren’t knowledgeable enough to fight the Sihr alone, without any Imam/ scholar. Just asking people around and meeting different Shuyookh, wasted a lot of time. Their advices were helpful but no one was ready to come over and check personally.
We persisted in our dua’s and Aman continued his struggle. He contacted many people and finally tried the self Ruqya Treatment that was emailed to him by a well-known Raaqi . It was pretty simple yet the things required were have to be to arranged in a short span of time, which was difficult.
Virgin olive oil, pure raw and organic Honey, Zamzam water, Black seeds, Senna leaves and Ajwaa Dates were arranged,
Putting the trust solely on Ar – Rahmaan, Aman started the self Ruqya coarse and made sure He followed every step correctly and according to the Sunnah.
Ruqyaa baths were given to Taniya, Ruqya audios were regularly played and every action was done as mentioned by the Raaqi in the online programme.

Things were getting better, Taniya was recovering, Aman gave all his time and strength to this cause. He couldn’t wait till he saw Taniya back on the feet just like before. But something we all forgot was that this had consumed all of Aman’s time, which got him completely occupied, with no focus on his work. Soon things fell apart in the Business, lowered market prices, stocked up goods in the godown, inefficient workers finally lead to heavy losses for Aman!
It didn’t come as a shocker in the beginning, because we knew that this period, the business shall suffer a bit but then as days flew, the debts piled over rapidly, leaving us perplexed and handicapped. Later with absolute no ability to manage the situation Aman finally had to wind up the entire Business and resort to hunt a job.
At the moment, additional to Taniya’s Sihr issue, severe financial crisis were now gracing our door step and if this wasn’t enough, friends and family had suddenly deserted us due to one reason or another. It just didnt make sense. We were alone, completely alone tangled in our own set of calamities.
It was complicated at first to untangle this mystery at how come, things could just tear apart one after the other. Indeed a power pact test from Al Hakeem, Aman believed.
I nodded in agreement too, vaguely this time. A part of me was busy thinking of how possibly we would continue walking in this dark deep tunnel. I promptly questioned once, ‘would we pass this test Aman?,’ with tears stinging in my eyes, and worry plastered on my face.
It’s impossible! What about the Kids? Daily Budget, school fees, light bills, rent, grocery and and and….

Sshshssshh Habeebty! Aman gently placed the Shahaadah finger on her lips, trying to quieten her raging worries.
Wallaahu Khair Ar – Raaziqeeen Ameeraah! Wallaahu Khair Ar Raaziqeeen!
Allah is the best of providers (Raaziqeen comes from the word Razzaaq, the one who gives Rizq)
to be continued….

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